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January 15, 2012
a lot of people say "why are we not members of a trust mark group" and the reason is because they are a prescription fee website that charge you quarterly for your add and give the customer the impression your company is well known and would they know unless you've worked for them directly....


January 13, 2012
today we are waiting for our electrician (brad) to test and pass off a extension in Beaconsfield bucks then thats all done.
another satisfied customer.
starting a garage conversion next in bishops stortford  herts.... 
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Ben Rance I have lived in Hertfordshire my whole life. my dad (John Charge) has a great reputation of being the best carpenter in the trade,so i was always involved in the building trade from an early age. I always wanted to be a Carpenter and i had the best teacher and picked it up pretty quickly. I was always told "do it nice or do it twice" which i thought was a great way of looking at what you were doing and take pride in your work. Hopefully my 2 sons will follow in my footsteps like i did with my father.

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